Keyword Rankings Are Worthless: Know How to Upgrade Your SEO Strategies

Analyze Organic growth

Like every business person and owners, you also test the result of your SEO efforts by searching the keywords on Google, you think are most important. All this is done, to see if you appear on the first page of your desired search engine or not. Once you get reports about the traffic of your website, you concentrate on the plans that display ordinary rankings for your targeted keywords.

You’re spending good money on SEO efforts then it’s a common thing to think deeply over your keyword rankings. You’re spending good amount and, to you, winning means getting the top place in Google search results. The issue is keyword good rankings are an inappropriate metric to measure online success. To really know whether your SEO campaign is functioning, you must learn which steps deserve your courtesy.

  1. Proper Application gets Results

Long-tail phrases keywords are among the major building blocks of an SEO technique.


They are analyzed to optimize metadata, link-building and copywriting, strategies. They help to increase your website’s importance so the appropriate web pages come among search results at the right place for the right people.

However, it doesn’t matter how your website comes on top for every search phrase, because people search in a variety of ways — particularly with the growth of voice searches. The result Google normally displays is totally based on his or her history, device, location, and other data.

There is no worldwide “page 1.”


Google is modifying search results using artificial intelligence technique “RankBrain” that examines search queries to deliver better answers, making results less expected and providing websites minimal control over when and where they come. This clearly means your “page 1” could be totally different than what your friend search engine displays five miles away.

Proof provided via Google Search Console


This tool reveals the actual keyword people searched when your website was present in the results. You’ll notice your website’s ordinary rank for those web searches too. Analyzing this data, it’s obvious that you should not review your SEO success on how one specific phrase ranks when numerous other similar search keywords, the phrases other people actually used — are showing your website in the top place.

An SEO plan that builds your website’s importance and authority in the specific geographic place will ensure the website will be visible for a number of search keyword phrases. This increases the number of openings for your website to appear among top search engine results.

Excellent content on and off your desired website and using planned link-building strategies (internal links and backlinks) is an important component to get importance. This strategy secures the website’s sustainability against the regular changes in Google’s priorities and rules.

  1. Analyze Organic growth

Analyze Organic growth

Currently you know to overlook keyword rankings, by what means do you measure whether your organic search importance and visibility are extending?

  • Certify the number of new website visitors arriving by means of organic search is rising- week to week, month to month and year over year.
  • Make sure the number of new visitors and visits from within your target area is increasing.
  • Believe increased conversions, mainly those from visitors who arrived by means of organic search.
  • Analyze the number of distinctive phone calls to a website call-tracking number and the number of contact forms filled and submitted.
  1. Conversions Count Matters


Don’t let self-esteem fuel your fascination with keyword rankings

Always remember that your personal search practice is not essentially what your target customers see. Nor does it signify the efficiency of other firms’ SEO campaigns or whether their websites effectively convert customers.

Concentrate on the consequence

Your goal is for the top place search results, to boost your business profit. Your inbox to be flooded with contact forms so your agenda is full. To get there, consult an expert who will design a campaign that uses a proven method, designs original, high quality content and monitors appropriate metrics.

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