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You might remember when the first time you were on cycle, the thought of riding it without side wheels was frightening. Once your parents took off the support wheels and you learned the basic skills of balancing, pedaling, braking and steering, riding a cycle seemed so simple.

This scenario is same for SEO. If you don’t know the basic necessities, it will seem like the most difficult job on earth. Here in this blog, my job is to take you in the right direction with your SEO plan.

  1. Website content must be Unique


Duplication or pointless website content can also stop you from reaching your true ranking skill. Duplicate content not only lowers your ranking, but also the user base you are having also starts to decrease. The user will come to know that the content on your website is not up to the standard. They will start shifting to the other website locations. By uploading duplicate content, search engine can find that this is manipulative and oftentimes repetitive content, which can bang your ranking in a negative way.

  1. On-site SEO


A house with weak foundation will create a lot of issues, in spite of of how good you decorated the interior. The same is similar for SEO. You have to design a great foundation for the website, which comprise of the following:

  • URL structure
  • Unique website content
  • Bot accessibility
  • Internal link architecture
  • Sitemaps
  • Responsive Server codes

Don’t be scared by these technical sounding words. If you get in touch with a website developer, within few hours, he or she should be able to do a deep research of your website to make sure the foundation is good or not.

  1. High Standard Backlinks


Backlinks are the most crucial part of Google’s algorithm foundation. Once you have a reliable website structure, you need to concentrate on getting backlinks. A backlink is basically a hyperlink that redirects back to your website. You need to concentrate on quality not on the quantity.

There is a term known as domain authority that will offer you with a score. You can check out your domain authority by the help of Moz’s tool; you can also check your competitors’ websites. How your domain authority competes with other is one of the best sign in the SEO world to check where your website will rank on Google.

  1. Reject spam Backlinks


As mentioned above, that backlink building is important to SEO strategy. Well, there were number of people who tried to modify the system by placing their link building efforts or tried listed on spam directory sites. This could make you pay to a Google Penalty.

I suggest that you log in to your Google Search Console, check “Search Traffic” and then tap on “Links to Your Website.” From here, check “Your Linked Content.” Once you get at this point, you will have to “Download Latest Links Report.”

This is an Excel file that will contain all the backlinks that Google finds pointing back to your website. If you see a large number of spam links within the downloaded Excel report, it might be beneficial to contact an SEO company to have them do a backlink check and potentially provide a strong strategy.

  1. Local SEO


Did you ever thought how businesses get towards the top of Google search ranking with their address and the ratings? This all comes from the Google My Business page.

If you never ever heard about the Google My Business page, you should immediately begin by taking the below mentioned measures:

  • Verify that all of your business data is consistent whether it is name, address, or phone details.
  • Check that your photos are the latest one.
  • Develop a strategy in place to be practical with your user reviews.
  • Turn on the feature to allow customers text you.
  • Mention your category to line up with the services or products you provide.
  1. Nonstop Marketing


Google needs to see that you have a genuine website with reasonable traffic. This means your web content needs to be unique. Your blog content on your own website should have convincing topics. You should be aggressively promoting your website blogs on Facebook to get traffic to your website blog. Your homepage and internal pages should offer relevant information that will offer value for the reader. Your site requires being mobile friendly.

Your website is your main marketing heart. Take care the content is great as you’ll get more customers and Google will like this too.


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